About Plans in Perspective

Plans in Perspective is a home for general-audience, ad-free architecture writing. Each one unpacks a built-world related subject: a neighborhood, a street, a building, a place, a miscellaneous artifact in the physical world. In short, anything made from plans!

Enlivened with high-quality visual content and ranging from 200 to 3,000 words, each piece may explore meanings, stories, constructs, culture, and of course the people in close orbit of the subject. These are the treasures so hungry to be discovered when one simply looks beyond the physical substrate of a thing, observing the depths beyond the immediately obvious, beyond the veneer, beyond the skin deep. This, of course, is where perspective comes into play. After all, what good is a plan without perspective?!*

In short, the aim is to explore how we shape the built world and how it shapes us.

Once a month, I turn the mic over to guest contributors. If you are interested in contributing, learn more here.

Of course, you too may know a thing or two about the topic at hand! And for that reason, the comments section is always open to thoughtful contributions.

* Perspective of course means “a particular attitude toward something; a way of thinking about something” (OED). But it’s also a type of architectural drawing, the kind that shows how something looks from a human’s point of view. Think of the classic train track example: the tracks are parallel but they look convergent. I’m an architect, so the double meaning is blatantly intentional and I love it very much.

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If you want enjoyable weekend reads about design, buildings, places, and cities,

If you strive to move about the world looking up and around you rather than down at a screen,

If you feel that something is missing from mainstream media sources on these subjects,

If you need a break from reading about politics once and a while (or more),

And if you want to sharpen your observation of the built world that surrounds you,

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About James Carrico

James is an American architect and writer, currently living in Singapore on a Fulbright grant.